For the men

“Balls are among the highest social occasions – a tuxedo is a must,” says Holger Klar, head of department at Oldenburg fashion house Bruns Männermode. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tailcoat for such an occasion, he says. But even the old wedding suit should only be taken out of the closet in an extreme emergency for such an occasion.

“Of course you can wear the tuxedo in a classic way or spice it up a bit”, Klar explains and takes a black tuxedo off the rack. “That would be the classic variation,” he says.

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A characteristic feature of a tuxedo jacket is the lapel with silk or a shiny alternative. You wear the matching trousers with a simple galon – a stripe on the outside of the legs. The trousers have the same fabric as the jacket and the galon is made of the same material as the lapel.

“A tuxedo pant has no belt loops. Instead of the belt the man wears a cummerbund”, explains Klar and adds: “The colour of the cummerbund is best chosen to match the partner’s dress”. Bow ties, as the fly is known in technical jargon, and handkerchiefs are also worn in the same colour. The classic ensemble also includes a white shirt “But you can also switch to a champagne shirt”.

If you don’t necessarily want to wear a classic tuxedo, you can vary the cut or colour. “Young men, in particular, prefer to wear a tuxedo with a tight cut and are also more keen to experiment with the colour,” says Klar of his sales experience.

In addition, younger customers would rather do without the cummerbund and wear a vest instead. “You could also wear it like that at the opera ball,” says Klar. If you’d like to stand out in the crowd, you can use the details to put yourself in the limelight. “It depends on the details. A striking handkerchief and bow are definitely a real eye-catcher. Who dares what, carries still the color-matching socks to it , tells the mode expert.

Even with the cufflinks, which you can wear wonderfully with your tuxedo, there are no limits to creativity. “Anything that pleases is permitted. There are no limits to taste,” says Klar.

As far as footwear is concerned, black patent shoes belong to the tuxedo. “Shiny leather shoes are also possible,” says Klar.

For the women

Women are much more flexible when it comes to shoes. At least when it comes to colour, they have the full choice. “Only pumps have to be. Glitter is also allowed – you can wear anything that goes with your dress,” say Edith Mainusch and Rosa-Maria Raafat from fashion house Leffers in Oldenburg.

On an occasion like the Oldenburg Opera Ball, the women recommend a floor-length dress. “As a rule, it always looks noble and festive. But you could also wear a short, chic dress”, says Mainusch and shows a golden, short sequin dress. The only important thing is that the dress covers the knees.

“At the moment there is also a trend towards dresses that are short at the front and long at the back. As a rule, they also look very elegant and are therefore suitable for such an occasion,” says Raafat. Overalls can also be worn. “The only decisive factor here is that they are chic and not too sporty,” say the shop assistants.

The current trend in clothing is towards glitter and lace. “If there’s a lot going on when it comes to clothing, you have to be careful when it comes to jewellery. Less is more,” says Mainusch. If, on the other hand, you wear a simple dress, you can set highlights with the jewellery. “Either you wear a striking statement chain, or you choose a clutch that glitters,” recommends Raafat.

Once a woman has decided on a sleeveless dress, she can wear a short bolero jacket over it. “Or you throw on a scarf. When dancing it usually gets warm anyway”, says Raafat and laughs.

And that’s what the Oldenburg Opera Ball is all about anyway – dancing.