In the course of time our demands on kitchens have changed. Today, kitchens should no longer just be functional. In addition to an optically coordinated basic configuration, decorative elements also ensure a homely atmosphere. We give you valuable tips on how you can decorate your kitchen with little effort.

1. wooden spoons, whisks and knives are functional helpers in the kitchen. Such kitchen accessories are not only practical, but can also be very decorative. Get your cooking spoons out of the drawer, because you can use them to decorate your kitchen. Fill them into a tin or into a glass container. Place your work utensils close to your stove so that knives and other utensils are always at hand when you are cooking. Draped on a tray, you can also add spices, oil and vinegar bottles.

Tip: Decorate a white kitchen with wooden accessories, including cooking spoons. Wood takes the strictness out of a white kitchen and brings optical warmth into play.

2. Functional objects are also chopping boards made of wood. With such kitchen elements you can also decorate a kitchen very well. Cutting boards come in many shapes and wood types, which, if you lean casually against the wall or lie on the worktop, become a pretty eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Tip: Oil your natural wooden boards regularly with cooking oil, then the wooden surface remains beautiful for a long time and your chopping board remains an attractive decorative element in the kitchen.

3. you can decorate a kitchen wonderfully with fresh herbs. Nothing is more beautiful than natural green. In pots the herbs stand on the worktop or on the kitchen table. Perhaps you can also decorate the windowsill of your kitchen with matching herb pots.

Instead of herbs you can also decorate your kitchen with flowers. A colour change can be achieved quickly and without any wall painting.

Tip: Glass vases fit every kitchen style and all surfaces. The light effect of glass is not obvious. Use everyday objects as vases, perhaps Grandma’s old coffee pot will find a new purpose for kitchen decoration with flowers.

4. you have an open kitchen? Or do you also use your kitchen as a dining room? Then decorate the table with placemats or table runners. Here, too, other colours or materials such as wickerwork or cork can create a new look. The centre of your kitchen becomes a cosy eye-catcher. The seating area should not be forgotten with the kitchen decoration. So you can also decorate your kitchen with new chair cushions.

Tip: Choose suitable materials for additional kitchen accessories with which you can decorate your kitchen. White kitchens can, as already mentioned, tolerate wood and basket utensils. A hearty wooden kitchen in country house style should not be overloaded with decorative elements.

5. do without wall units and attach a long shelf board to the kitchen wall. This creates a functional decorative surface for the wall in your kitchen. Crockery looks very decorative. Get your collecting cups out of the cupboard and fill the shelf board with them – the wall decoration for the kitchen is ready.

Tip: Small kitchens in particular need storage space, but would be crushed by massive wall units. Open shelves for the kitchen wall provide storage space that doesn’t look as good. Beautiful storage containers made of glass or porcelain offer plenty of storage space and are also wall decorations for the kitchen.

6.The kitchen is often used as a “control centre” for the family. The children’s timetables and the family calendars hang on the wall. The appointment and shopping lists are glued to the refrigerator. How about painting a wall with magnetic paint and turning it into a decorative pinboard?

Tip: The magnetic paint must be painted over with a conventional wall paint after the painting. Use latex paint, which is washable and forgives scratch marks from pinching important date lists.

7. also coloured wall surfaces are considered as wall decoration in the kitchen. Fresh colour on the wall gives a kitchen that may have been taken over from the previous tenant a completely new character.

Tip: The colour area that is to be painted must be masked with painter’s crepe. In order to create a clean transition to the white wall area, it is advisable to close the adhesive seam with white dispersion paint or acrylic.

8. Beautiful prints or even framed recipes can be used as wall decoration for the kitchen. Perhaps the wall surface in a small kitchen is the only decorative surface. Pictures are design elements that take up little space.

Tip: Glossy surfaces reflect the surroundings, this suggests width. The glass surface of picture frames can take over this function. Pictures can also become a second window for kitchens without a view.

9. hook strips are not only practical, because of course dish towels and potholders can be hung on them. Hook strips can also be used for the wall decoration of a kitchen. Hang beautifully patterned tea towels on the hooks, perhaps a pretty basket or hanging basket.