Twitter social networking service

twitterTwitter is a social networking service which is more popular. It provides micro blogging services to the users for sending and reading text-based messages. The length of these messages may be up to 140 characters. These small messages are termed as tweets.

Twitter becomes more popular among the online users. The service rapidly developed all over the world by having millions of active users generating 300 million of tweets daily. Twitter has been described otherwise as the SMS of the internet. Registered users only can post the tweets through the website interface. But unregistered users can view the tweets. Twitter is also accessible via mobile devices. Twitter is now considered as one of the most visited websites on the internet.

The term twitter means a short burst of negligible information. Twitter experienced rapid growth. Twitter was rewarded as the third-highest ranking social networking site in 2009. Twitter has developed a video clip company on October, 2012. It is named as Vine. Twitter has been identified by its signature bird logo. The twitter logo resembles a mountain bluebird. By default, the tweets are visible publicly. Anyone can view those messages. But senders can limit the message delivery only to their followers. Users can tweet the messages through the Twitter website, or by compatible external applications such as Smartphones or by Short Messaging Service. These services are totally free for the users. Users may subscribe to other users tweets. This is called as following. The subscribers are known as followers.

Users can be able to update their profile by using the mobile devices by text messaging or by apps released from the tablets. Users can post their content by the use of hash tags. One user can repost a message from another Twitter user. The tweet message was set to 140 characters. This limitation is for compatibility with SMS messaging, introducing the shorthand notation.

The limitation has also improved the usage of URL shortening services and content web hosting services. Trending topic is a word or topic that is tagged at a higher rate than other tags. These trending topics make the users to understand what is happening around them in the world. Twitter website various tools for adding content, monitoring content and conversations. Twitter is the fastest growing website. It is ranked as one of the ten most visited websites worldwide. They also numerous mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Nokia, windows phone and so on.