Numerology of the Names

If you want to know more about Numerology, how does it work and affect on your life, then read this article. Numerology is considered to be a very exact science. Its divination methods are so powerful and accurate that there is a chance that eventually you'll physically feel the vibrational effect of the numbers and experience its influence on your life.
The real reason of the appearance of the numerology sends us back to the ancient history, and though many people claim that this science started with Pythagoras, that is not true. This article will explain this fact and many other interesting and important things on the practice of divination also known as 'Numerology'.

Basically Numerology indicates that every letter in your name converted into a number and every digit in your birthdate holds a specific vibration. When analyzed, these numbers can provide interesting information about many different aspects of one's life. As you understand, if you know more about yourself you can more effectively use your abilities and strength. In turn, acknowledging your weaknesses allows to refuse from participation in projects where your skills will be of little benefit. In general, when you become free from artificial limitations it is easier to direct yourself towards self empowerment and self knowledge. Many of the numerology principles are actually based on the Hebrew Kabbalah and Gematria, which is an ancient Judaic system that gives special values to letters.
To calculate the person's numeric vibration we use the form of Gematria also known as Pythagorean method. This is one of the numerous methods that can be applied (to learn more see Calculate Numerology Methods and Numerology's History). In the name numerology calculation each letter and number is indicated by 1 digit in the Pythagorean method.

The numerology table reveals that any letter has a number assigned to it. You can also note that the numbers are assigned sequentially (serially) or in other words one after another. How does this thing work?

As each letter has different pronunciation in different languages (for example, in Babylonian and Hebrew), some numerologists use various values for each number. Our studies show that the most appropriate method of using the values in comparison to others is called the 'English Cabalah'. Its author William Eisner is a numerologist, who spent a significant amount of time to prove that his method is the best if working with the letters of the modern English alphabet. Other methods applied with foreign languages also work best if the algorithm of sequential (serial) numbering of the foreign language letters is being used (as it has been done above).