Google+ by Google Inc.

google+Google + review by Google+ is a multilingual social networking site operated by Google Inc. Google+ is a social layer which covers many of the online features. It is an overarching layer which is generally distinguished from other traditional social networks.

Traditional social networks can be accessed through a single website. It has totally 400 million registered users of whom more than 100 million are active on a monthly basis. Initially it was launched as Google Circles. This service was released as an invitation only. On 2011, google+ allowed everyone, 18 years of age or older without any need for an invitation. Google+ provides social services as Google profiles. Also it introduces the new services as Circles, Sparks and Hangouts.

Google+, a popular social networking site, is available as a website as well as on mobile devices. It is considered as fourth expedition for social networking, following by Orkut, Google Buzz, etc. Google services such as Google Mail are integrated with the Google+ in the account creation process. Users can view their updates on their respective Circles.

Input box in the profile enables the users to enter a post. There are corresponding icons for uploading and sharing photos and videos. Users can also restrict the others from viewing their profiles. To organize the people into various groups, users use circles. The privacy settings in their profiles allow them to hide. Another important role of the Circle is to handle the content of users stream. The feature of video chat is enabled by the Hangouts option. Only google+ users can join the “Hangout”. The user can able to create webcasts over Google+ through Hangouts.

The messenger is a feature available only for mobile devices for communication through instant messaging. Users can share photos also in Messenger. Photos and videos are stored in a private album through the instant upload. Sparks allow the users to search for the specific topics that they may be interested. A “data liberation” feature offers ability to the users for downloading one’s content from google+. From a mobile device itself, a user can edit their profile photos. Google+ notification allows the users to choose which notifications are important and which are not. To show how the resharing activity is done regarding a public post, Ripples are used. They are considered as a visualization tool. Google+ events enables the users to add events, share photos and media, invite other people in real-time.