Facebook social network

facebookFacebook is a very popular social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook has billions of active users. Among those users more than half of them are using Facebook on a mobile device. Users who want to use Facebook must register before using the site. After that they may create their personal profile. The users may add other users as friends, and exchange messages. Those messages include automatic notifications when they update their profile. In addition, users may join common interest user groups, organize their workplace, and categorize their friends into various lists. Facebook, the most interesting social network, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his college-mates. Initially, Facebook was restricted only to their college students. It gradually got support from the students of various other universities and institutions.

Facemash was the ancestor to Facebook. The first logical step of the Facebook was the launching of a high school version. High schools networks required an invitation to join. Next, Facebook enlarged membership eligibility to employees of several companies. But Facebook was made available to everyone of age 13 and older on 2006 only. Afterwards, anyone with age of above 13 can register in the Facebook using their own valid email address. Facebook users can create their profile with the photos, lists of personal interests, contact information and other personal information. Users can involve in conversation with friends and other users through private or public messages. Facebook incorporates a chat feature. They can also develop interest groups. Facebook users are termed as “power users” who can link, poke, post and tag themselves and others.

Facebook enables their users to select their own privacy settings. Here you can also read how to choose who can see the specific parts of their private profile. The Facebook, social networking site generates from advertising not from users. News Feed feature was added on 2006, that highlights all the information including profile changes, upcoming events and even the birthdays of the users’ friends. Users are capable of preventing other friends from viewing the updates about certain types of activities such as profile changes, wall posts and newly added friends. The most interesting application of Facebook is the photos application. Users can upload unlimited number of albums and photos. Privacy settings can be established for individual albums that will limit the group of users that can view an album. Another most popular feature of Facebook is that it allows the users to chat with other users from the various parts of the world. They can leave voice messages on Facebook.