Biblical Numerology Number 7

There are several numbers in bible that supports the numerology and these numbers are called the biblical numerology numbers. It is similar to those of the numerology number that are being used by the numerologist in the field of numerology. However the numerological number in the bible supports that numerology exists in actual and there is nothing fake in it. The biblical numerology number seven is for the perfection in the spiritualism or more specifically defining the biblical numerology number seven directs the different phases of growth as well. The number completes the human kind as far as the life is considered in the spiritual meanings. Apart from that the biblical numerology number seven also defines the relationship or the agreement between the men kind and the almighty God.

The biblical numerology number seven has equal importance in all of the major religions that are Christians, Islamic and Jewish. The seventh day is considered as the holist day because of the reason that God created the entire universe in just a time period of six days and the seventh day it was the time when God had finished all his creations and it was the time of resting. There are different believes in different religions but there is one common thing about which all the religions share common view and according to which it is said that the fields all over the world ought to be left uncultivated after the end of every seven year time.

But on the other hand Christians particularly have another view which is that the biblical numerology number seven also represents the seven different stages of the hell. The Christians also do lightning and create an environment of celebration according to the tradition of Hebrew. The colors that are linked with the biblical numerology number seven are plum, purple and violet and the gemstone that is associated with it is the amethyst.