Biblical Numerology Number 5

According to the Biblical numerology number five it is used to represent several things that are related to the God himself and his messenger, like the number five in the biblical numerology represent the wounds that Jesus had, the wounds were also five in number that were Jesus at the time when he was placed on the cross. Further more it also indicates in the direction of the number of cloths that were remaining the body of Jesus, these were also five. Saint Paul had also received lashes from the Jews side they were also five in number.

In addition to that the biblical numerology number five also indicates the virgins that were in the tale of Jesus were also five in number i.e. five who were mad and five who were wise virgins. The stones that killed the giant Goliath were also five in number and were used by small king David. The number of animals that the God demanded by Abraham were also five in number, these animals was asked in order to bring close to a particular alliance. In the Judaism there are five books that are based on the law, along with that the book that is based on the Lamentations of Jeremiah also includes chapters that are also five in numbers.

The biblical numerology number five is basically the number that symbolizes divine elegance apart from that it also represents balance and harmony in an individual’s life. The biblical number five acts as a bridge between the God and the creatures of the God. There is some purpose behind the biblical numerology number five and that is why it has such a high association with the world and the creatures, it bounds the creatures of the God with the almighty and also strengthens the bond in between.