Biblical Numerology Number 11

The biblical numerology number eleven represents the total destruction, disorganization and disintegration of all the things. Eleven is considered that it brings the disaster in of the constructed work. It can never be associated with the work of construction and development. Most of the time the disaster and destruction is brought up by the people who are not so at the performance of their working and working channels. Most of the time these disasters has been brought up by the forces that are acting upon on an individual or the forces that are acted upon any particular situation, most of the time these forces are acted on the by the cosmological or astronomical forces.

The biblical numerology number is also considered as the master number and that is because of a number of reasons. The main reasons of it include the disastrous characteristics that it has in it. One needs to be careful in the selection of the work and should always consider the numerology numbers and most importantly if someone is having numerology number eleven than it is better to drop out form that project as it will not bring glory and fortune but it will only and only cause harm and disaster. However, there are several exceptions as well according to which the number eleven does not bring all the unfortunate and bad things but it also have certain good points. Chinese superstations are among those that have certain positive views about the numerology number eleven. According to their superstations they believe that if someone washes their hairs on the eleventh date of any month than it helps and improves the eye sight of those people who can not see properly. Therefore, it would not be right to say that it has only negative affects however, according to the bible the biblical numerology number has does not has the positive impacts.