Biblical Numerology Number 4

Biblical Numerology number four has been considered a very important and significant number from the very ancient times, we can get the prove of its significance from the Hebrews which is the ancient form of bible. There are several reasons behind that give rise to its importance such as one of their God’s name spelling was spelt in four letters in the Aramaic; the name of that God is Yahweh. Another reason is that the geometrical shape or the related figures associated with the biblical numerology number four was perceived by the people that it is holy in the ancient times and cultures.

However, four is also referred as the number that is representing the different directions in the world; these directions are the east, west, north and south. Whereas, on the other hand it is also having various other meanings as well such as it is also used to symbolize the four different elements that are found in the universe which are the fire, earth, water and wind.

There are different colors as well which are associated with the biblical numerology number four among which the most prominent ones are the emerald and green. The stones that symbolize number four are emerald and jade. The three different planets that are linked with the number four are bamboo, baby’s birth and ivy. However, there are certain superstitions as well which have there with number four such as it is said that leaf clover that are having four colors are very luck. Other superstitions reveal that if four cookies are fused in the oven during the baking process then it is said that a wedding is going to take place. Whereas, on the other hand it is linked with certain bad luck or unlucky events as well, like it is said that is someone has the house having number four than the house is considered very unlucky or unpromising.