Numbers in bible

There are many numbers in bible which want to say something its just like mazes which you have to reach designation. In the book of genesis in passages it tells the story of creation of earth in seven days numbers play very spiritual role in your life. Bible also teach us the number four which tell us how God setting all things in universe in orderly way.

Number three mention in bible many time and it wrote in 66 books of bible this number teach us unity, accomplishment and told us about universe how universe came to exists. Number one taught in bible tell us about unity and singleness and it also tell us without help of God you can not achieves and purpose of your dreams. Every bible student knows there is a book called “Number” but we never study bible this is so worst we should study bible to understand and concentrate what we are reading.

The number two tell us in bible about true words of God and existence of God. The number two also tell us about agreement between two or more peoples and also about promise and tell us don’t hurt any one and don’t break promise its mean. Now in this article I just give you introduction about every number in number one God said there shall a man who leave his father mother and wife and there is only one flash. In john 10:30 Jesus Christ said that I and my father are one. In bible Deuteronomy 6:4 it say that God is one oh hears and listen the people of Israel God is one and only. In Ephesians 4:5 it say that God is one and your faith should also be one. Wicked should be punished double or thrice according what mistake he had made. In Matthew 28:19 the angels cry and pray to God three times.

Bible gives us picture of true religion we should follow bible and understand each and every sentence if you do thing you will see changes insight you.