CARM - Biblical Numerology

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM) provides study of Bible and other aspects related to Christianity. Bible, the holy book of Christians, is the most popularly published and printed book in the present day world.

CARM biblical numerology is the study of number patters and numeric symbols mentioned in this Holy Book and thus generate a better understanding of the book and the Universe. This form of numerology is basically concerned with the study of various numbers mentioned in the bible.

For example, the most significant number is 40 because Jesus Christ spent 40 days in a desert. So the importance of various numbers and their patterns will lead to a better understanding of the chapters of Bible. There are many other numbers like 7, 1 etc. That have importance in the book.

The number 1 symbolizes beginning. Number 2 represents pairs such as male and female, hell and heaven and others. However this concept can also bring danger. While number 3 represent a triad and the fact that whatever happened to Jesus came in 3 or its derivative. Number 4 is regarded as sacred and deals with law and order. Number 5 signifies meditation and represents the 5 elements of universe. Number 6 represents harmony and universal love. Number 7 is also sacred as it represents perfection and is the number of God. The number 9 represents completion.

Thus, all the numbers tell a different story and have some or the other meaning and as such have significance. The study of biblical numerology is simple and easy. You can find the biblical numerology charts that contain the numbers in the same pattern as they are mentioned in the book with their significance. These charts are also very easy to study and thus make the study of this art of numbers and alphabets more easy and understandable. So if you are interested in biblical numerology, here you can start your study today.