Deciphering the Bible Manuscripts

In some researches you may find term “Torah Codes”. Other works refer to this discovery as Bible Codes. Whatever name they give, it indeed enters the list of top discoveries over the last decades.

The phenomenon behind this discovery is detection of Equidistant Script Sequence Codes in the source Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible. Such sequences point at existence of encrypted messages concerning our world, certain historical occasions and figures. And that’s not only one portion in manuscripts; the codes are spread all over the writing.

Confirmations of Bible Codes leave no doubt. How surprising is this: there are references to Holocaust, AIDS, Saddam Hussein and other dramatic events that took place long after the Bible was written. With PC programs that deal with Bible unlocking, you’re free to set on adventurous discovery on your own!

The original Bible manuscripts (written in language of Hebrew) have been the most valued mystic source among Jewish scientists for more than 2 millennia. The Bible codes have a corresponding word Gematria in Hebrew numerology alphabet. In its turn, word “Gematria” has Greek roots, and the English translation of it is “Numerology”.

As proved by historians, Greeks had their prime in mathematics at the epoch the Old Testament had been compiled. Apparently, Greeks had an opportunity to affect the writers. Specialized numerology softwares have algorithms to decipher those underlying texts.
Surprisingly, the Bible codes can be revealed in other editions of the Saint Manuscript, not only the initial one. The edition compiled by King James also has concealed ciphers as discovered recently. The Greek edition (which was the leading translation) is populated with ciphers as well.

You need nothing more but a home PC and numerology softwares for deciphering the Bible codes and set on the mystic journey within those. There’s a great variety of intriguing DVD titles, software, and TV programs devoted to the phenomenon of the Bible codes. One piece of such software, on Astovera resource, is designed to offer you an interactive journey through the Bible readings and locations described there with plenty of illustrations. Similar software is now well-spread, and so it is likely to be available in your spoken language, too.